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Large capital loan insurance

In this particular case of a loan of between five hundred thousand and several million euros, the delegation of insurance is essential because most group contracts will not cover amounts to be financed as important.

In addition, the subscription of a loan of more than 500 000 € is a high risk taking for both the borrower, the bank and also the company that insures the loan to the extent that any loss of the borrower involves large or even huge sums.

A limited guarantee depending on the capital borrowed

A limited guarantee depending on the capital borrowed

Most bank group contracts do not intend to insure capital beyond 500 000 €. The delegation of insurance will therefore be unavoidable here.

It will again be necessary to know which companies to turn to for such assets to ensure not wasting time and thus risk seeing his real estate project compromised for lack of creditor insurance. Some of the contracts of our insurance partners cover the risk up to 50 million euros borrowed.

A broker will save you time and money

save money

Therefore, we advise you to call your broker who will find the contract best suited to your needs and the best price and especially if your profile also presents other risks aggravated as medical concerns, a hazardous job or the practice of a risky sport.

The different contracts of our insurance partners do not imply the same conditions of access and especially in terms of medical formalities to be carried out.

Thus our contract  can cover, with a simple health questionnaire, each borrower under 46 years up to 1 000 000 € (which will represent 2 000 000 € for a couple each assured 100% of quota) and will cover each borrower under 56 up to € 500,000 (€ 1,000,000 for a couple

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